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Red Rover, Red Rover, send warmer days right over!

Minnesota has been in a rainy moment, melting all the snow away and leaving everything looking really really dirty. There was a red football in our yard that we discovered had been hidden under all those feet of snow. There was also a dead bird. Spring is almost here (hopefully) and so I am offering a few lists of my favorite summer-related things to get you in the spirit for warm weather and to maybe somehow encourage it along a little more.

Toodle pip,


Five thing I enjoy in the summertime

Flip Flops

Long daylight hours


Sidewalk chalk art

Driving with the windows down

Five of my favorite summertime athletic activities

Frisbee golf


Mini golf

Swimming at the lake(s)

Rollerblading (yes, people still do this)

Five of my favorite summertime themed movies

The Long, Hot Summer:  Paul Newman rocking the socks off Joanne Woodward with lines like, “Life’s very long and full of salesmanship, Miss Clara. You might buy something yet.” Even the hardest of girl is going to let her guard down for that kind of talk.

Shag: I may be one of the only people who have seen this film but I can’t help enjoy this look into summer in the South. Its kinda like American Graffiti except not as classic.

The Sandlot: Even little girls loved this mostly-boy-cast baseball movie. It was probably the real reason I started wearing Converse All-Stars.

American Graffiti: Oh Richard Dreyfuss I will never forgive you for getting on that plane!

The Fast and the Furious series (only the ones with Vin Diesel): I am not sure if these films take place in the summer time…The weather always appears warm…The actors are always in very tight short sleeve shirts… Now I know what you are thinking, but everyone has their own guilty pleasure and Vin Diesel is mine.

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