Give to the Max Day is November 17

Give to the Max Day is November 17!

As Give to the Max Day approaches, we ask that you keep us in your hearts. And minds. And wallets. Simply follow the link below and donate what you see fit to Spout Press. 100% of donations will go to our authors and to production costs. No one at Spout gets paid—we are an all-volunteer collective. We do what we do because we love literature and want to contribute to the Twin Cities’ great literary culture.

Spout Press began in 1989 as Spout Magazine. Since 1997 we have expanded into book publishing, combining the spirit of the journal with a commitment to publishing on a larger scale. This year we started a new series of books and chapbooks titled Out of Pocket, publishing Juliet Patterson’s epilogue and Rachel Jendrzejewski’s encyclopedia. With your help, we’d like to publish the next works in this series, books by Carolyn Lee Holbrook, Brianna Johnson and J. Otis Powell!.

Our focus in Out of Pocket is on expanding and facilitating local literary conversation in regard to experimentation, current issues, and new voices. Will you help? With your support, we can publish these three books and continue to publish work that is fresh and compelling and weird well into the future. Even a small amount helps. The great integration of your heart/mind/wallet awaits—please help us complete our current projects, and thank you!