Spout Magazine became Spout Press with the release of our debut book in September of 1997, A Definitive Guide to the Twin Cities. Spout Press combines the spirit of the journal with a commitment to publishing on a larger scale, showcasing the best Twin Cities writers.
NOTE: Due to the sudden closure of Small Press Distribution (SPD) we are currently without distribution. Any purchase inquiries should be directed to our email, editors@spoutpress.org

Take a look at our titles:

Locker Room Talk: Women in Private Spaces | anthology Michelle Filkins & Margret Aldrich, editors

Sweet Nothing Kazim Ali

Workhaus Collective: An Anthology of Plays  Workhaus Collective

earth angels book title

 Earth Angels Carolyn Holbrook


the axe lectures brianna johnson

waiting for a spaceship cover

waiting for a spaceship J. Otis Powell‽


encyclopedia Rachel Jendrzejewski


epilogue |  Juliet Patterson

tether Kirsten Dierking


Blink Againanthology John Colburn, Michelle Filkins, & Margaret Miles, editors


Ballad of the BreathlessEmily Graves


Lush: A Poetry Anthology and Cocktail Guide John Colburn & Michelle Filkins, editors


Northern Oracle | Kirsten Dierking


Praise for the Bones in His Neck | Josie Halpern-Finnerty


Near | Katie Nichol


Homespun | Tom Cook

Beware | Lucille Broderson

The Book of Arcana: Tomorrow’s Stone Age Cosmology TodayJeffrey Little

Blink | Anthology John Colburn & Margaret Miles, editors

I’m Right Here |Tony Rauch

The Hotel Sterno |Jeffrey Little

A Definitive Guide to the Twin Cities | Anthology