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Spoutstock Is Coming!

Dear Persons of Extraordinary Taste,

It’s time again. Spout Press invites you to our 8th annual Spoutstock, 8:30 Thursday September 30th at Mario’s Keller Bar, 2300 University Avenue NE in Minneapolis (lower level of the Gasthof).

Spoutstock is our annual cover song contest/fundraiser/wild party. Local rock stars will perform surprise covers, our panel of celebrity judges will score them, and you the audience members will each have a ballot for the audience choice award. All you have to do to support small press publishing is get a little drunk and declare your opinion. Can we make this any easier?

This year’s performers include members of The Sunny Era, Minor Kingdom, Birds of Virginia, Urban Hillbilly Quartet and Oaks as well as Pat Dougherty and the Second Hand Opera, Kelly Jo Mitchell, Anders Ponders and Jezebel Jones and Her Wicked Ways. Plus there’s something special. We can’t even tell you yet. We have to wait till the end of this message, it’s so weird and cool.

Remember how Olivia Muzzy stunned everyone with her loop-pedal, stand up bass cover of Bjork’s Unravel? Or how TruthMaze made the show an instant party with his out there hip-hop version of Jack and Diane? These things really happen in this world.

Our celebrity judges must not be revealed yet. But they are really pretty famous.
A mere five dollars gets you in the door, and the money goes to publish local authors via Northeast Minneapolis literary non-profit Spout Press. We are a collective, all-volunteer, grass-roots literary organization. We do it for the love of literature and community. And for the parties. So we’ll see you there, right? Doors at 8:30, music starts at 9:00. Be prompt! You might miss the cover song that will fill your body with heavenly light. Outside, there will be white Oktoberfest tents – big empty rooms of polka fantasy. Inside, we promise there will be sublime moments.

We’re going for the whole event as kind of a model of the universe thing.

We’ll see you Thursday, Sept. 30th at 8:30. Tell everyone!

Love Always,

Spout Press

PS Here’s the special thing: our headline act this year (11:00ish) is Jailbreak!, a Thin Lizzy Cover band. Oh my god yes.

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