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Locker Room Talk: Women in Private Spaces

Now available!

In Locker Room Talk, we listen in on the epic and ordinary moments that happen when women are together. Subverting the traditional idea of “locker room talk,” this collection illuminates the conversations women share with family, friends, and strangers, whether at the sinks of the First Avenue ladies’ room, on a bus heading to the Women’s March in Washington, D.C., or in the kitchen of an elder relative. Cumulatively, they reveal the myriad ways women care for themselves, each other, their communities, and our world–and how we all can follow suit. It is a celebration. An imagining. A call to action.

The anthology, edited by Michelle Filkins and Margret Aldrich, features the artwork of Leslie Barlow. Contributors include Maureen Aitken, Lydia May Anderson, Gargi C. Bakshi, Shá Cage, Patricia Cumbie, Venus DeMars, Molly Fields, Julie Gard, Michelle Garrett, Jessy Greene, Elizabeth Hawes, Jennifer Hopkins, Casey Jarrin, Rachel Jendrzejewski, Tricia Knoll, Annabelle Guihan Larsen, Mary Quinn McCallum, Alison McGhee, Leslie Adrienne Miller, J. Mork, Mo Murphy, Christina Myers, Emmaleigh Myhre,Ngoc Nguyen, Suzanne Nielsen, Jude Nutter, Candice Marilyn Ralph, Amanda Recupido, Nicole Rodgers, Amanda Rosas, Darci Schummer, Suzanne Swanson, Terri Topness, Carlee Tressel, Beulah Vega, Becca Williams, Olivia Wolf, and Kao Kalia Yang.

Available to order from Small Press Distribution. Ask for Locker Room Talk at your favorite independent bookstore!

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