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Give to the Max Day is Approaching!

SPOUT PRESS | GiveMNGive to the Max Day is November 16. If you would like to donate to Spout Press, we would be very grateful. Spout Press is a non-profit volunteer collective—no one at Spout gets paid, and all donations received will go to production and distribution of the books we make. Specifically, we will use the money to create the next two books in our Out Of Pocket series, highlighting local writers Carolyn Holbrook and Maureen Aitken, and to further promote our two newest books by J. Otis Powell?! and Brianna Johnson. Our focus in Out of Pocket is on expanding and facilitating the local literary conversation in regard to experimentation, current issues, and new voices. Will you help? With your support, we can publish these new books and continue to publish work that is fresh and compelling and weird well into the future.We make our literary culture together.

Thank you!