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Donate to Spout on Give to the Max Day

Give to the Max Day returns on Wednesday, November 16, 2011. Wake up your neighbors and honk your horns, this is the annual day where high-minded, philanthropic folks (like yourself) choose to donate generously to their favorite charities and non-profits. Give To The Max Day is the “Great Minnesota Give Together” –  a wonderful opportunity for you to give to your favorite non-profit, and double your dollars for 24 hours. If Spout Press, or any members of Spout Press have made you smile, think, or shake your head in disbelief, please consider  donating. Click here if you would like to make a donation. Another way to donate is to become a member of Spout.

We at Spout dislike the analogy that if you were to discontinue purchasing that daily $4.00 Starbucks Coffee for entire year, and instead divert that money to a Spout donation, that you could pay for an entire press run of one of our titles. That analogy would be true of course. It also makes one pause to reflect, so consider how Spout press has touched your life this year. Please give.  More than ever we depend on individual donations to survive, so we really appreciate it!

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