What is LUSH? Both a cocktail guide for poets and a poetry guide for bartenders, LUSH begins with poems. Within each poem is a cocktail. Along with each cocktail is a recipe. Contained within this mixture are comics from local artists.

This anthology includes old friends such as Jeffrey Little and JoAnna Rawson who dropped in and decided to stay for a night cap. They are joined by Kim Addonizio, Stephen Burt, Paula Cisewski, Joanna Fuhrman, Cindy King, Sheila E. Murphy, Sima Rabinowitz, and many others. This collection representing the work of some of our finest contemporary poets is equally comfortable on a coffee table, beneath the bar, or shelved along with favorite poetry titles.

LUSH takes the informative cocktail guide and turns it into an entire sensory experience. You can feel the sway of the music vibrating through the poems and hear the ice clinking in the glass. One night of flirting with this latest Spout anthology is like waking up in a strange bed with a dull headache, the warmth of the stranger next to you prompting your retreat to the door. Flowing from poem, to comic, to recipe creates a superior blend of art forms.

Glide with the rhythm of the book and pour yourself another. To listen to a feature on Lush from National Public Radio click here

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