i'm right here, by tony rauch

A collection of experimental, slightly off balance short fiction that creates surreal landscape of lurid sex, secret agents, Scott Baio, ostriches, and professional wrestling.

“If William Burroughs and Garrison Keillor had a love child in a parallel universe, it would have to be Tony Rauch! One part Dadaism, two parts mad poetry of the wide open space of mind, Rauch’s stories inhabit their peculiar corner of the universe with the down home authenticity of Lutheran Pie.”

--Jonis Agee, author of South of Resurrection

“This book is laced with the zaniness and ironies of contemporary life and wit to deal with them. Reading I’m right here, I was reminded of the first time I read Tom Robbins. This book with shake unwary folk right out of their complexes. IT will knock their Birkenstocks off.”

---Jim Heynen, author of One Room Schoolhouse

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