Spout began as a quarterly literary journal back in 1989, and after fifteen years we have garnered a national following, publishing the finest in contemporary experimental writing. With the release of Issue #31, we have firmly established ourselves as the longest running and most stable literary journal in the Twin Cities area.

The vision of the journal has always been to create a community through words, a hodgepodge of beliefs and emotions from all facets of society. This community is both national and international, connected by our secret mission: to bring literature down to our level and then hide in the dumpster with it.

The success of the journal has provided us room to expand into book publishing. Spout became Spout Press with the release of our debut book in September of 1997, A Definitive Guide to the Twin Cities. Spout Press combines the spirit of the journal with a commitment to publishing on a larger scale, highlighting the best Twin Cities and regional writers.

We endeavor to publish the best in experimental fiction and poetry with new issues of Spout Magazine.

As we continue to grow, we are reaching out to a new and wider audience. We hope you will become a part of this audience, join the Spout community, and find out what Spout is really about.

We'll see you in the dumpster?